Best Jobs That Allow You to Travel

Satisfy your wanderlust with these travel jobs.

Seeing the country – or the world – doesn’t have to be something you only do on vacation. There are plenty of traveling jobs that make it easy to earn money while also satisfying your wanderlust.

We sorted through all the top career choices in our 2022 Best Jobs rankings to find those jobs that allow you to travel. These aren’t all jobs that require travel, but rather, some are career choices that offer you flexibility to take trips when you wish. They also come with good pay, low unemployment rates and perks such as a good work-life balance. All salary and job growth data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Environmental Science and Protection Technician

Environmental science and protection technicians are employed by consulting firms, the government and other organizations to monitor the environment for pollution and contaminants. Some of their work might take place in a laboratory, but they may also be called upon to travel to manufacturing facilities or lakes and streams to conduct fieldwork.

An associate degree is the standard level of education needed to work as an environmental science and protection technician, although some people in the field have bachelor’s degrees. Positions that involve handling hazardous materials may require specialized training. According to our analysis, this occupation gets high marks for being low-stress, having good future prospects and a robust job market.

Interpreter and Translator

Interpreters and translators can find jobs across the globe. Bilingual individuals are needed to translate between languages in settings ranging from business conference rooms to the offices of the United Nations. Nearly a quarter of interpreters and translators are self-employed, according to the BLS, while others may have a single employer or work for a staffing company that places them in various positions.

Many professionals in the field have a bachelor’s degree, but more importantly, interpreters and translators must have native-level proficiency in at least two languages. Our Best Jobs analysis found this career choice is one of the top options available when it comes to work-life balance.

Flight Attendant

It would be hard to have a list of jobs that pay you to travel without including flight attendants. These professionals wear many hats as they help ensure air travel is safe and comfortable for airline passengers. They demonstrate safety procedures, serve refreshments and must be ready to act in the event of an emergency. Between flights, they may have the opportunity to explore a variety of cities and countries, depending on their assigned air routes.

Flight attendants don’t need a degree, but they generally must have a high school diploma or GED. Once hired, they typically complete a training program through their airline, and they may also need to pass a physical exam before being allowed to fly.

Political Scientist

Political scientists have a less common travel job, but one you shouldn’t overlook if you are interested in how government works. While more than half of political scientists are employed by the federal government, others may work for nonprofits and universities. Although not required for all jobs, their work may take them to various regions for meetings or research.

Most political scientists have advanced degrees – either a master’s or doctoral degree – in a field such as public policy, political theory or international relations. The one downside to this career choice is that our Best Jobs methodology found it ranks below average in terms of opportunities for advancement.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Jobs for solar photovoltaic installers are expected to see phenomenal growth in the years to come. These workers install solar panels, and the push for renewable energy is making this an in-demand career choice. If you want to pursue a job in this field, you may have to travel to states such as California, Texas or Arizona, which have the highest concentration of solar photovoltaic installers, according to the BLS.

This is a hands-on occupation that involves working outside, and you’ll need to be comfortable with heights since solar panels are often installed on roofs. A degree isn’t necessary although some community colleges and trade schools offer certificate programs for solar photovoltaic installers. However, many employers are willing to train workers who have a high school diploma.

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