How To Find The Best Jobs That Let You Travel

It’s an incredible blessing to travel and work from anywhere you choose. I can say this from experience, as I’ve been living this dream for 10 years!
If you wish you could travel more but cannot afford to quit work, the perfect solution is to find a job that allows you to travel.

As a travel blogger, I am grateful to live the reality of having the freedom to travel. But being a blogger is definitely not the only way (nor the best) to achieve this kind of freedom. In this article, I hope to inspire you to consider all your opportunities.

But, consider carefully, as not all travel jobs are as good as they seem…

Bad travel jobs
Should you do an online search for ‘jobs that let you travel’, the first suggestion is often to become a flight attendant.

Sorry, but this is truly the worst advice. Have these writers ever even spoken to a flight attendant?

It’s the perfect example of a travel job that only sounds good on paper.Initially, a flight attendant may travel back and forth to the same destination. Often they don’t see much beyond the inside of an airport hotel. When they do get to spend some free time in a new city, it may be less exciting because it is often not the destination they would choose to visit. It’s not really “living the dream”.

Once, on a longtail boat tour in Bangkok, everyone else in my group happened to be part of a KLM flight crew. I mentioned to a pilot how I’d really enjoyed the tour. “Eh, it’s alright, I guess,” he said. “Actually, this is the seventh time I’ve done it.”
Flight crew members often just kill time in the same city and repeat the same activities. While Bangkok is incredible, I imagine it gets a bit old after the 30th visit.

Jobs like flight attendant or even cruise ship member aren’t that great for traveling. Here are some better ideas.

Working online while travelling

Truly the best travel job is to become a digital nomad — or simply someone who works online while travelling. While there can still be limitations, unlike a flight attendant, you’ll be mostly free to travel wherever and whenever you choose.

Imagine this: you’re co-living in tropical Bali one month, working from cute cafes in Lisbon the next before moving on to hang at the best surf spots in Costa Rica. Outside your work hours, you are free to explore and experience local life.Some digital nomads travel all year-round without a fixed home. But that’s not the only way!

You can also just travel some of the time. I know quite a few nomad who live like migratory birds, leaving the US winter to work from sunny Mexico while subletting their apartment.

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